Faic is a professional catering supply company specialized in the Ho.Re.Ca sector. Today it is the point of reference for foodservice in Rome and Milan, and deals with the packaging and distribution of finished and semi-finished food products, with a company fleet of 70 multi-temperature vehicles that make more than 10,000 deliveries a week.

After 30 years, Faic has relied on Exprimo for a complete rebranding project, with the aim of highlighting one of the company’s fundamental values: not being an industrial “supplier”, but “the neighborhood shop” with which to have a long-lasting relationship.

Among the most significant innovations is the new logo, designed in a contemporary style consistent with the current brand positioning. Exprimo then redesigned the entire visual system, based on a new color palette and a system of icons that identifies the company’s various production laboratories, thus defining the brand identity guidelines to be applied to all corporate communications such as packaging, company vehicles , advertising, website.