Atlas Concorde’s “MARVEL SHINE – PERMANENT RENAISSANCE” video was awarded the first prize “Institutional” in AUDIOVISUAL TECHNIQUE section at the 25th edition of MEDIASTARS 2021, the prestigious event that for 25 years has rewarded the best Italian advertising.
Together with Atlas Concorde marketing team, Exprimo handled the concept, the script, the executive production, and the art direction of the video, for which our art director Greta Sala obtained the award.
Furthermore, the editing by Paolo Piombini of Altaluce production company in Fiorano Modenese won the second prize.
These important acknowledgments, awarded by a jury made up of the best Italian communication professionals, confirm the quality of the team built up over the years, consisting of our agency, professional partners, and Atlas Concorde, whom we thank once again for its trust.


Project: Marvel Shine – Permanent Renaissance
Client: Atlas Concorde Ceramics
Production Company: Altaluce
Post-production Company: Altaluce
Creative Director: Roberto Valentini
Art: Greta Sala
Copy: Roberto Valentini
Director: Stefano Braglia
Director of Photography: Stefano Braglia
Video Editing: Paolo Piombini
Color Grading: Altaluce
Video Animation: Altaluce
Special Effects: Altaluce
Soundtrack/Jingle: Artlist / PremiumBeat
Performers/Dubbing/Speakers: Paolo Monesi Square Post Production

Video Marvel Shine "Permanent Renaissance"

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