With the digital campaign “But ceramic… “ Exprimo was awarded with two beautiful Silvers at the prestigious “L’Italia che comunica” award, organized by UNA, the association that brings together 190 of the most qualified communication agencies in our country.

Silver in the “Italy that communicates with the Digital” category and Silver also in the “Italy that communicates for the First Time” category. In fact, it is the first time that ceramic is communicated both in its assertive values ​​(2019) and in relation to other materials (2020), as well as being the first time that planning exclusively concerns digital media.

With this campaign “But ceramic…” Exprimo continues the collaboration with Confindustria Ceramica, which already had achieved significant successes in 2019 with the similar project “Ceramic. A safe choice.” This campaign, consisting of 7 spots, has been planned in Italy, Germany, France, Great Britain and Spain and it is achieving results far beyond the best expectations in terms of impressions, views and clicks. Thanks to Confindustria Ceramica and up with ceramics!