Panel designs and manufactures industrial PCs and HMI solutions for every kind of productive need, supporting clients with an efficient and bespoke counseling service. Quality, focus on detail and customer’s care are the pillars that made Panel one of the main player of the Industrial computers B2B market.

Exprimo curated the brand repositioning through a 360 project crossing every scope of communication. The new storytelling is solid, practical and based on frankness of information; it has been declined on various materials such as website, product catalog, photo-shooting, newsletter templates and more.

The visual format reflects an essential graphic design built around the product and its features. Moreover, the website is easy to use and provided with a brand new product configuration tool specifically designed and developed by Exprimo: the customers can create the most fitting solution basing on their needs and directly purchase it in the website’s private area.

Product catalog

Website and product customization tool

Newsletter templates